Jon Jones: Stipe Miocic is Relatively Unknown to The General Public

Jon Jones isn’t entertaining the idea of a bout against Stipe Miocic.

Jones is once again taking the mixed martial arts world by storm. Last night (July 29), he recaptured the Ultimate Fighting Championship ( UFC ) light heavyweight title. “Bones” knocked out Daniel Cormier in the third round.

After the bout, Jones called out Brock Lesnar in hopes of a “super fight.” This has left many fans wondering if the light heavyweight ruler would be willing to fight heavyweight champion Miocic.

At the UFC 214 post-fight press conference , Jones shut down that idea:

“I feel like if I were to take a fight at heavyweight, it would be against a person who me and my coaches feel is the perfect match-up for me. Right now, Stipe’s looking extremely impressive and I think we can get an extremely talented big guy versus an extremely talented little guy, a lot of the cards are in his favor. At the same time I fear no man.”

“Bones” also doesn’t see a bout with Miocic as a potential money maker.

“I strike for a reason when I strike and I feel like Stipe is relatively unknown to the general pubic. It wouldn’t even be a real ‘super fight’ in my opinion. I think the MMA fans would be really excited about it, but the general public wouldn’t care about that fight. Most people don’t really know who he is with all due respect to him.”


Jon Jones Knocks Out Daniel Cormier to Recapture UFC Title

Daniel Cormier (19-2) has been stopped for the first time in his career courtesy of Jon Jones (23-1).

The stage was set for the main event of UFC 214. Cormier defended his Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight title against Jones. The action took place inside the Honda Center in Anaheim, California.

The two touched gloves surprisingly. Jones was loose with kicks early. An uppercut knocked Jones’ mouthpiece out, but it got it back in quickly. Cormier got up from a takedown quickly. A left hand landed for “Bones.” The kicks for Jones were there early. A body punch found the mark for Jones. Cormier landed a leg kick.

Jones continued to be busy with kicks. “DC” got kicked to the body. Cormier got in another leg kick. A right hand found the mark for Cormier. The round later came to a close.

“Bones” started off the second stanza with kicks. A right hand over the top was there for Jones. Cormier went for a trip takedown, but it wasn’t there. Time was called for an accidental headbutt. A cut formed on the said of “DC’s” face as a result. The action resumed and the blood trickled down Cormier’s face. Jones landed a left hand followed by a kick to the body.

A elbow over the top was there for Jones. A left hook followed by a right uppercut landed for Cormier. The round came to a close with Cormier landing a punch over the top.

“Bones” kept landing the kicks low at the start of the third round. A knee to the body landed for Jones. A hard left landed for Jones. “Bones” rocked Cormier with a kick and dropped him. He rained down the ground and pound and referee “Big” John McCarthy called a stop to the bout.

Final Result: Jon Jones def. Daniel Cormier via KO (Head Kick & Strikes) – R3, 3:01

Tickets for Mayweather-McGregor Not Moving As Well As Expected?


It’s the cross-over sporting event of the century, if you choose to buy into the hype. The Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor boxing match has been heavily promoted, complete with a whirlwind press tour of three countries in four days earlier this month.

Despite that, it seems fan interest at the box office isn’t what was hoped for. At least, after five days of tickets being on sale, there are plenty of seats left, as first noted by MMA Junkie.

Tickets for the event started at the princely sum of $500 U.S. for the “cheap” seats, and run all the way up to $10,000 for ringside, though with ticket resellers in play, you can go a fair bit higher than ten grand. In comparison, however, MayPac a few years ago saw it’s highest ticket price hover around $25,000. One reseller for Mayweather-McGregor, however, has ticketsas high as $29.136 .

It’s important to note that the cheapest seat you can buy directly off Ticketmaster currently is for $3,500. Seats below that price point are only available via resellers. Still, it’s interesting, and a contradiction to early reports that the event had sold out . MayPac tickets sold out in less than a minute in 2015. However, for that fight, only 500 tickets initially went on sale, with the rest being split between the MGM Grand, the fighter’s camps, networks, ticket brokers and so on.

While the resellers may or may not make a killing with Mayweather-McGreogr, it’s interesting to see tickets still available five days into the sale off Ticketmaster itself, which will put some pressure on resellers (the quicker an event sells out, generally speaking, the better the resale market does).

Dana White Says Ronda Rousey’s MMA Career is Anything But Sad

Dana White isn’t buying into the narrative that Ronda Rousey’s career plight is a sad fall from grace.

Ronda Rousey was the most dominant women’s mixed martial arts fighter in the world. She was finishing opponents in a matter of seconds. Her quick finishes in championship matches made her a star that crossed over into the mainstream media.

Her career took a turn when she was brutally knocked out by Holly Holm  and then finished by Amanda Nunes in 48 seconds. White was recently asked by ESPN if Rousey’s downfall was sad to see (via Flo Combat ):

“What’s sad about the Ronda Rousey story? A woman in sports, let alone fighting, came in and made way more money than all the men. [She] blew the thing up and created an actual division for women. Joanna Jedrzejczyk makes a ton of money. Amanda (Nunes) makes a ton of money. Now we are literally — five blocks down the street — doing the 125-pound division for ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ for women. Ronda Rousey is anything but a sad story.”

The UFC President would go on to talk about the success Rousey has had and the amount of money she’s made.

“She made a ton of money. Here’s a woman who at one point told everyone, ‘I basically made no money in the Olympics and at one point was living in my car.’ Now she made enough money where she doesn’t have to work a day again in her life. That’s anything but a sad.”

Conor McGregor Snaps Back in Response to Mike Tyson Comments

Conor McGregor has responded in ice cold fashion to Mike Tyson following the heavyweight champion’s assertions on his chances against Floyd Mayweather  on Aug. 26

McGregor ,who also claimed that his detractors will “eat their words” come the conclusion of his boxing debut against Mayweather next month, compared himself to Tyson’s nemesis Don King in response to the comments.

King, who was accused by the former “Baddest Man on The Planet” and legendary heavyweight knockout artist Tyson of stealing millions of his career earnings while promoting him, has been referred to as a “piece of sh*t” and a “slimy reptilian motherf**ker” over the years.

McGregor, a clear underdog against Mayweather, clearly took offense to Tyson’s comments made earlier this week:

“McGregor is going to get killed in boxing,” Tyson was quoted as saying on Barstool Sports’ Pardon My Take podcast.

“I got mad because I thought they were going to use MMA rules against boxing because that’s what it’s all about: Can the boxer beat the MMA guy?”

Tyson, who repeatedly referred to McGregor as “McConor” claimed that the Irishman would get knocked out against Mayweather:

“McConor [sic] put his dumb a** in a position where he’s gonna get knocked out because this guy’s been doing this all his life since he was a baby.

“McConor [sic] can’t kick and grab and stuff so he won’t stand much of a chance. He took the biggest sucker rules in the history of boxing.”

McGregor, in his typical quick-witted manner, responded to Tyson’s words in kind:

“That’s nice Mike, but you’re looking at the new Don King here, son. Money is mine,” he said.

“You are all going to eat your words for the rest of your days, while I eat lobster for the rest of mine.”

Brock Lesnar on Facing Jon Jones: ‘Anytime, Anywhere’

Former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar responded to Jon Jones’ request for a future fight during an interview with the  Associated Press on Tuesday.

“Would I fight Jon Jones? Anytime, anywhere,” Lesnar said. “Right now he should be worried about (Daniel Cormier) on Saturday night.”

Lesnar showed that he is at least still paying attention to the UFC in noting that Jones meets Cormier for the light heavyweight title on Saturday at UFC 214.

Rumors of a potential return to the Octagon for Lesnar started circulating recently but were denied by members of the UFC’s executive team. He last fought at UFC 200 last year, defeating Mark Hunt only to fail a drug test and have the bout changed to a no-contest.

Jones continued the talk of a move to heavyweight during a Facebook chat on Tuesday, mentioning the ramifications of fighting Lesnar.

“He’s a massive dude,” Jones said. “It would be a massive draw, really big for the sport. It would be a great challenge. That’s a big old boy. I doubt Brock Lesnar would take that fight, though. I definitely wouldn’t try to wrestle with him the whole time. I’m not going to tell you what I would do.”

Mike Tyson: McGregor is Going to Get Killed Boxing Mayweather

Mike Tyson is certain that Conor McGregor made a mistake taking a boxing match with Floyd Mayweather.

Tyson is regarded as one of the greatest heavyweight boxers to ever compete. He’s certainly one of the most controversial figures in sports. Two men who aren’t short of controversy are McGregor and Mayweather.

The popularity surrounding both men has made them cash in. On Aug. 26, “Notorious” and “Money” will compete inside the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. The bout will air live on Showtime pay-per-view.

Having won multiple titles in his prime, Tyson knows a thing or two about the sweet science. During a recent appearance on “Pardon My Take, ” the Hall of Famer went off on McGregor’s decision to box (via Sports illustrated ):

“McGregor is going to get killed boxing. I got mad because I thought they were going to use MMA rules against boxing because that’s what it’s all about: Can the boxer beat the MMA guy? McConor put his dumba– in a position where he’s gonna get knocked out because this guy’s been doing this all his life since he was a baby. McGregor can’t kick and grab and stuff so he won’t stand much of a chance. McGregor took the biggest sucker rules in the history of boxing.”

Floyd Mayweather Skeptical of Rumors That McGregor Was KO’d Sparring

Floyd Mayweather doesn’t believe in the rumors surrounding a recent Conor McGregor sparring session.

Rumors recently swirled claiming that “Notorious” was knocked out by Bradley Wheeler while sparring. Wheeler denied the rumors , saying he isn’t even in shape to hit the pads due to an injury.

Former boxing champion Jessie Vargas started the rumors, saying that it’s the story he was told. Speaking to Fight Hype, “Money” showed skepticism towards the hoopla (via Bloody Elbow ):

“My thing is basically like this, if I ain’t seen no footage, I don’t believe it. And me and Jessie Vargas are in communication. We’ve been talking about working with him, signing him back for Mayweather promotions. We’ve been communicating, but everything is just rumors until I see it. I have to visually see it with my own eyes.”

Chris Weidman Submits Kelvin Gastelum For First Win In Two Years

Finally, in our main event of the evening former UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman takes on No. 8-ranked Kelvin Gastelum. Check out the play-by-play here below:

Round 1:

Gastelum blocks a high-kick from Weidman, but “The All American” is able to land a right hand soon after. Another right hand lands for Weidman, who follows it up with a takedown. Gastelum tries to answer back with a triangle attempt but it’s unsuccessful. Weidman has side control from Gastelum’s back, but Gastelum stands up as Weidman has the back clinch.

Gastelum tries to scramble but it ends with Weidman in side control. Weidman goes for a Kimura but Gastelum scrambles to his feet and disengages. Gastelum sneaks his way inside and lands a head-kick. A huge left hand stuns Weidman bad and drops him, however, there isn’t enough time for Gastelum to finish the fight as the horn sounds.

Round 2:

Gastelum opens up the round looking to turn the tempo up a bit, feeding off the confidence for his late knockdown last round. Weidman pressures Gastelum against the cage with some strikes and initiates the clinch. He gets the takedown but Gastelum is sitting against the fence. Weidman goes for Gastelum’s back and is working for a rear-naked choke. Weidman takes Gastelum down again and establishes better position, but Gastelum is able to stand up against the cage.

Another takedown for Weidman and Gastelum has his full guard. Weidman lands some elbows from the top position but Gastelum still looks comfortable. Weidman continues to work from the top as Gastelum throws up his legs trying to change position. The round comes to an end with Weidman on Gastelum’s back.

Round 3:

The pair engage in a slugfest to open the round and Gastelum drops momentarily but shoots back up. Things slow down a bit before Weidman begins to land som nice hard shots, however, Gastelum then shows off some great head movement, dodging various shots. Gastelum starts to get into a grove and lands some strikes of his own.

A big right hand lands for Weidman but Gastelum swings out of a takedown attempt. Another takedown attempt from Weidman, and he gets it this time ending up in the standing back clinch after Gastelum stands up. Another takedown for Weidman as he begins to take Gastelum’s back. Weidman locks in an arm-triangle and the pressure is too much for Gastelum, who is forced to tap out.

Official Result: Chris Weidman def. Kelvin Gastelum via R3 submission (Arm-triangle choke, 3:45)

Dana White on UFC’s Future After McGregor: ‘There Will be New Stars’

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White doesn’t sound too worried if Conor McGregor decides to hang up his gloves soon.

McGregor is due for a massive payday. On Aug. 26, “Notorious” will battle Floyd Mayweather inside the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Many have wondered if McGregor will take the money and decide to end his fighting career.

The UFC lightweight champion’s team have hinted that he isn’t done with competing just yet. He’s teased wanting to fight Khabib Nurmagomedov in Russia later this year.

White told ESPN that no matter what McGregor decides to do, the UFC will be fine:

“I’m used to this. In the early days, they would say, ‘What are you going to do when Chuck Liddell is done? What are you going to do when Anderson Silva is done? When GSP [Georges St-Pierre] is done?’ I will say that there will never be another Ronda, but there will be new stars.”

He went on to say that nothing is certain when it comes to McGregor’s next move.

“I worked for years with people here, who loved what they did, and they made a bunch of money [in the sale] and left. There’s never any guarantee that when you make that much money you’ll ever return.”